The top-3 greatest websites in the world, ever.

This is my definitive list of the best three websites in the world ever.  Because I can. And it’s Friday. Do you like the picture? It isn’t there.

This is a web site that tells you if it is dark outside or not. It’s very handy if you haven’t got a window or can’t be bothered to open your eyes. Oh hang on, that doesn’t work either. Whatever.

This is a really, very, very, very, useful website for finding out if it is Christmas or not. Very. It should prove useful to those PRs sending out press releases about Christmas gifts guides in September, October and November, when it’s blatantly not Christmas yet. Some say, that like a broken clock, it’s only useful twice a year. But they’re wrong. It had a bad moment when one year it suffered a DDOS and was down on the 25th December, but luckily most people were off that day and didn’t notice.

This is a website that mostly tells you where the hash key is on a Mac. This used to clearly be the best web site ever, because when you typed, “Where is the hash key on a Mac” into a search engine it would come up in all its unadorned, minimalist, Mac-like beauty, until they got wise and ruined it by adding a Google Adsense Ad on there, the cynical, money grabbing bastards. And that’s not just because I’m annoyed that I didn’t think of it first. Well, OK, it’s entirely that. It only exists because Steve Jobs, in his wisdom, and would not have hash keys on a Mac because he hated Twitter and would not have anything to do with it, ever – apart from the deep integration of that service into iOS5, currently being enjoyed by millions of users across the globe.

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